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by Rudy Kronfuss

Softcover edition

Pages: 112

Size: 210 x 297 mm [A4]

Full color cover

Printed in black and white and color
Quality: very good/excellent


Only one copy available.

In January 1969, the Jimi Hendrix Experience completed a short 11-date European tour, supported by Eire Apparent. On the penultimate tour date of 22 January, the band played two shows at the Wiener (Vienna) Konzerthaus and the 16-year old fan Rudy Kronfuss was there.
Rudy has documented both shows, finding and translating old press cuttings and reviews, and by telling his story.
The newspaper articles are interesting historically and detail how times and attitudes have changed since. For instance, the pieces announcing the tour portray Jimi as “a Red Indian and Negro half-breed”, a “bird of paradise”, or “the Red Indian with the sex-show”. Undoubtedly impressive PR, but just racist today.
Rudy details the shows with over 50 unseen photos of the show, together with photos of the tickets and programmes. Recalling the first show, he notes that his allocated seat was already taken, how no one had expected an opening act and that Eire Apparent had some “good moments”. Rudy then describes the first Experience show, and he loves it, detailing the songs, audience reactions, and the loudness.
After the show as he was making his way out. Rudy was offered a ticket for the second show later that evening. Naturally he jumped at the chance - and it was a front row seat, too, which he managed to claim this time. The second show was a hastily put-together affair with little advertising and was, according to Rudy, half-empty. He had 6 seats to himself – at the front!
It seems that the first show was almost a soundcheck for the main event. Following Eire Apparent’s short set, the Experience appeared and Jimi went straight onto an extended intro for Are You Experienced, which was more balanced but much louder. Sadly the recording we know of the Vienna shows stops halfway through Spanish Castle Magic in the 2nd show, but Rudy does his best to recall the remaining songs, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), and Purple Haze. Rudy’s recollections help you to feel that you’re at the shows.
Some reviews are reprinted, mostly dismissive of Jimi and the loudness, which, much like the previews, are from a different time and not written by rock writers or even rock fans.
There are over 70 photos in the book, around 50 of which are previously unpublished.
Rudy has produced a worthy addition to the Hendrix canon; definitely a book for the fans.

Source: Jimpress, Issue 107 Spring 2016.


Jimi Hendrix in Vienna (used)

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  • ★ Softcover edition
    ★ Pages: 112
    ★ Size: 210 x 297 mm [A4]
    ★ Full color cover
    ★ Printed in black and white and color
    ★ Only one copy available

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