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Jimi Hendrix Live at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Above: Ben Valkhoff in the audience at the Royal Albert Hall, 24 February 1969.


Ben Valkhoff (born 2 October 1951, Amsterdam) was educated at The Academy of Modern Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is an author of music books, and a graphic designer.

His past activities include:
– contributor to the Hendrix Information Centre and photo archivist since 1967;

co-founder of Univibes magazine (1991);
– photo research associate for various magazine publications, such as Guitar World (USA), Experience Hendrix (USA), Univibes (Italy), Jimpress (England), OOR (Holland);
– book photo researcher for Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy (Heinemann, London, 1990), Reflections and Visions (1995), The Ultimate Experience (1995), The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix (1995), and Voodoo Child, The Illustrated Legend Of Jimi Hendrix (1995).
– contributor to the Jimi Hendrix TV Special Onrust!, broadcast by VPRO, Holland (1990); contributor to the TV Special Reputations: Jimi Hendrix/The Man They Made God,

broadcast by BBC, England (1999);
– research consultant for the compact disc Blues (1994).

Author Ben Valkhoff

Besides keeping the spirit of Jimi Hendrix alive, he has also co-produced two commemorative compilation CDs with songs by his father Jaap Valkhoff († 1992), a well-known Dutch singer/songwriter, as well as co-produced a sold-out tribute concert in his memory at the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam (1995). He is a drum owner/user.

“Nice work on your
quite accurate time line.”

Karl Ferris, Ibiza.

“Ben is the world’s top photo
authority on the planet,
I miss working with him.”

Bill Nitopi, U.S.A.

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